Types of Travel Insurance

Protection is imperative when you and your family travel. While you may have Medicare or some other insurance policies, it is important to have the appropriate coverage. There are different types of travel insurance which you can evaluate before finalizing the deal with your prospective agent.

Comprehensive Medical Coverage

Travel medical insurance plans cover medical and dental expenses resulting from sickness or injuries. The plan will surely include possible evacuation if there is a need for you to be conveyed to any medical facility. This is a common occurrence particularly if an accident takes place in isolated places and helicopter evacuation is necessary. It will definitely be costly so said policy is something you will really need. Try to secure an accidental death and dismemberment plan as well so if tragedy strikes, your beneficiaries will be entitled to financial benefits. Just make it a point to check the requirements like pre-existing medical conditions and age of the insured individual. Your travel insurance can also be very specific as to cover special illnesses such as protection against swine flu.

Protection for your Travel

This is another major component of travel insurance plans. It is usually classified as cancellation coverage in case you have to revoke your trip due to personal reasons (sickness, death in the family and legal issues). In other words, your pre-departure expenses will be reimbursed. This can also apply if a member of the family passes away or gets sick. The next category is coverage for delays. It may happen that the airport of origin is affected by natural calamities and man-made problems preventing aircraft from flying out as scheduled. Under this circumstance, expenses for hotel accommodations will be included in the coverage. The last type of cancellation coverage is protection for interruption of your pre-arranged trip. This can happen if your trip is aborted prematurely because of inclement weather conditions, labor problems affecting the airline firm, insolvency of the travel agency, and fulfillment of jury obligations. These can be obtained for both single and multiple travels. Frequent flyers are advised to acquire this travel insurance policy.

Protection for Baggage & Car Hire

This will serve as coverage for luggage, personal belongings and car rental in case of theft, loss or damages. However, it will not be applicable to loss or impairment during the actual flight. Some items may also be too pricey so these are usually not included in the coverage. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your policy thoroughly to pinpoint the circumstances and policies. You can also check with your credit card and auto insurance agents for car rental protection. When you make inquiries, request for quotes to allow you to make comparisons.

Try to find cheap travel insurance that will offer both travel and financial protection. Most companies have a 24-hour telephone service that provides basic services such as physicians, ambulances and translators. Assistance can also come in the form of replacement of lost or stolen passports, legal issues and wire transfers.